Prayer Requests



The Prayer Requests Are Added on The Prayer Warrior Page. Click on link below to go to that page.

Also Please Pray For The Requests That Are On The Profile Request Page God is looking for an Intercessor, Please take the time And Share Them Please On Your Pages To Extend The Prayer. If You Have A Prayer Request it can be posted Below on the Request Form or in the Prayer Warrior Page at the picture post on the page in the comment section. If you would like it anonymous just let me know on form below other wise it will be posted with your first name only. Please come follow the Prayer Request Page to receive the requests on your Google + home page. Why should we pray? Because God works through the Prayers of His people! He gives all believers the privilege of raising their hearts and voices to Him in Prayer, and He promises to hear. He invites every person of faith to call upon Him with their needs and with the needs of others. The more you read over the Prayer requests of others and Pray about them, the closer you will get to God, Lord Willing. Please keep the Prayer power coming!

Although I rarely have to do so, I reserve the right to edit requests when their content requires it. Not all Prayer requests will be posted due to content and format and a prayer for Salvation will be added on most requests for the families. This is to further bless the families. Please allow at least three days for the posting of your Prayer request on the Web site. Most will be posted that day or next day on average.

Psalm 5:2  Give heed to the voice of my cry, My King and my God, For to You I will pray.
Luke 18:1  Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to Pray and not lose heart,
Mark 11:24  Therefore I say unto you, What things so ever ye desire, when ye Pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

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