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Muslims Moral Standards Upside Down

Muslims have no REAL moral standards except petty and phony ones. They consider a bit of alcohol or a glass of wine as so “haram”/forbidden and do their best to stay away from it, meanwhile when it comes to the more important things in life like LOVING THEIR ENEMIES ……meh, who cares about that! ….

Christ, the Son of God, commanded His followers (Christians) to BLESS, LOVE and PRAY for their ENEMIES. This is REAL morality and true godliness. On the other hand, Muhammad commanded his followers (Muslims) to curse, mock, hate, fight, amputate, crucify and kill the “unbelievers” and those who aren’t Muslims. (Please watch the video for both the Biblical and Quranic references and verses regarding these things, and then judge as to which one is from God and which is not).

God, the TRUE God, is far more pleased with what comes OUT of a person’s mouth (our words and mentality) than what goes into our mouth (foods and drinks). Food and drink goes into our stomach and then gets eliminated, meaning we’re Not defiled by what we eat or drink but rather what we SAY and do. What comes OUT of our mouth determines where our HEART is.

My intention is not to offend any Muslims in any way. I made this video to bring light to this sad matter because of a personal experience I went through myself, and I hope Muslims would watch this and repent and turn to God the Father through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ so that they may receive the Holy Spirit and be saved from the curse and condemnation of Muhammad. PLEASE LIKE MY PAGE AND SHARE WITH OTHERS PLEASE. THANK YOU.

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