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30 Healing Scriptures – Relaxing Thunder Storm and Nature



Verses from the Bible pertaining to healing and comfort Soak in relaxing scriptures to a thunderstorm and nature calls to the background of Earth allowing you to be immersed in the verses of His word. Whenever you feel like you need to catch your breath, just listen to this Soothing Thunderstorm Sound for Relaxation and Sleep block out stress and anxiety in your lives, letting us find a moment of calm. Shield yourself from noisy distractions, banish anxiety, and let this sound bring you peace and relaxation through the scripture. FEEL FREE TO USE AND SHARE

The Voice of God

People and cultures throughout the ages have sought to hear the voice of God. Some have sought to hear God through weird transcendental meditative states. Some have sacrificed unto idols and the sun, moon and stars hoping that “the gods” would be pleased and communicate with them and bless them. Some have gone off to some cave, and come out proclaiming to have heard from God, and thus we have Islam, Mormonism and other such religions. It seems like we as humans have tried anything and everything to hear God’s voice. So, how does the Christian hear God’s voice? Are we left to rely on some inner train of spontaneous thoughts, and hope that one of them is actually God’s voice leading us? Do we over-spiritualize our words and just say “thus saith the Lord” even if we’re not sure that the Lord has thus said?! Here’s the miraculous reality, God has been and is always speaking to His people! How? Well, that’s what this message is all about!